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Update by user May 30, 2013

Moved on! No calls for work, sent one last email to Randstad US staffing corporate office, still nothing,just be aware this so called company is no good.

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2013

I'm currently with Randstad Staffing Federal Way WA as "available work status" NO CALLS as of 4/17/2013

I have called the corporate office to file a complaint, I left 5 messages between 2 people *** 2 messages and Robert 3 messages

on Thursday 4/18 & on Friday 4/19 2013 NO a call back.

On Friday April 12th 2013 after my shift was over I went to check to see if the schedule was posted for Monday April 15th 2013 no schedule posted,

I was told by the warehouse person at JCPennys that I would get a call from Randstad because they take care of there own, well I never got the call.

I called the office Federal Way WA at about 4pm Monday, then staffing consultant called me back and told me that I was on the schedule and I was to start at 10 am,

I let him know that there was no schedule posted on that Friday, by this time he did not like my tone and he also told me that it was unacceptable, the staffing consultant also told me to stop talking

and to listen to him, all that I said is "excuse me" and that I also needed to listen more, again all that I said is :really, then the staffing consultant told me that I should not believe everything that I hear.

My husband was sitting right by me and he was in disbelief, the staffing consultant told me due to my tone he was taking me off the assignment with JCPennys.

In all my working years I have never ever missed a shift that I have been scheduled for.

I did talk with the Manager of the Federal Way office and he assured me that he would talk to the staffing consultant.

Well its been a week and I have not heard anything. I do not feel that my tone had anything to do with me being removed for the assignment, At this point I feel that I have been blacked balled by this company.

I do understand that I did not make the scheduled shift, how could have I make the scheduled shift if I did not know about it,the staffing consultant could have called me to let me know it is part of the job to make sure that every one knows especially if there is NO SCHEDULE POSTED in a timely manner.

staffing consultant Aaron Beckmen is in charge of communicating the schedule to the employees from what the manager told me.

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To me the company was useless. How they manage to stay in business at least the one in my area is beyond me. Never had any jobs open.

Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #831081

Randstad sucks. They are just another low ball temp agency that makes money off your labor. We are nothing but numbers to them

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