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I have been trying to get any type of an interview with Ranstad for the past 2 years for positions they advertise from Lake Worth to West Palm Beach Florida. I have not even had a phone call for a phone interview.

I am retired and state that in my resume. I have in excess of 25 years CSR, Computer and Junior/Senior Management. I have worked in major companies and also held positions in Support Call centers. Every time I send in an application within 30 minutes of completion I get the form letter your skill do not match our needs.

Before applying I check their requirement and I match them to my proven skills or I do not apply. Certifications that I have held in my career are: Certified Network Engineer Florida Real Estate license Project Manager Professional by the PMI organization Various technical schools And they say that I do not have the qualifications they need for a CSR, Data Input, etc position.

Product or Service Mentioned: Randstad Usa Recruitment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Lots of people are "retired" but don't get a large enough check from their former companies or the SSI to cover the cost of Medicare, Part D, utility bills, food, taxes, etc. and need additional income.

Normally I find people who say just sit back and collect your check(s) haven't really worked a day in their lives and when they "retire" have a sudden real life shock.


Retired u should stay at home and draw ur check if u need something to do volunteer somewhere there are lots of people out here that don't draw a check and need a job to survive

to Anonymous #1369377

You have NO idea as to this person's financial situation. Your comments are useless, thoughtless and invalid.

There are A LOT of senior citizens who desperately need work so they can "survive" as you put it. As a former HR manager, I found that older people were much more reliable, dedicated workers than their younger counterparts. I know of a 79 year old woman right now who works as a bank teller because she is desperate for an income. Per her managers, she is much more dependable and capable than her co-workers, some of whom are 60 years younger than her!

It is foolish for someone to ASSume that every retiree receives a monthly check they can survive on.

To the letter writer: don't depend on on this one staffing agency to get you a job. They've pretty much proven they aren't willing to place you.

Most of these agencies now are staffed with inexperienced recent college grads who lack the skills and experience to properly do their jobs. Register with other agencies if you must, but more importantly, look for your own job.

to Anonymous #1377132

Your comment shows incredible stupidity and insensitivity. People retire for a variety of reasons, often still needing additional income.

Since you know absolutely nothing about this commenter's situation, why don't you keep your immature and asinine judgments to yourself. I don't know you, but if I were to judge you based on your apparent lack of basic grammar skills, I could easily say perhaps people like you who seem to be ignorant and uneducated have a difficult time finding work for just that reason. And if you are as uneducated as you seem, and are looking for work, I'm sure you would feel offended by comments such as that.

One day you may find yourself retired and in a state where you still need, or simply want, to work to supplement perhaps a meager retirement income.

Such was the case with my own father. If so, I hope you reflect on your ignorant comments concerning this person and how they raised the hackles of some of us who found them offensive.

Grow up!

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