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I haven't been able to access my w2 on their *** website because it's been either overloaded or under maintenance for a week now. The only solution they gave me was to try again later.

I'm already pissed off at them because when I applied for a job through them, I specifically stated on my application that I can only work part-time because I have a 5-year-old at home and I am not blessed to have a parent I can pawn my child on to work 10 hours days (It even asked me whether I wanted full or part time). I get hired and I told that I can only work full time or I can work at all. BIG WASTE OF MY TIME and on top of that the other workers literally did not give a *** about their job. I witness multiple people sneak out and leave before work was even close to finishing.


All they have is *** jobs no one wants to do because they do not want to fire the *** people that don't take their jobs seriously. IF YOU CAN'T KEEP A WEBSITE RUNNING TO GIVE YOUR EMPLOYEES/ PAST EMPLOYEES THEIR W2S, THEN F***ING MAIL THEM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Randstad Usa Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Does anyone know the ein and ca state id number for the company


(11:03:11) Shezekia L said to you:

Hello and welcome to the Support Chat. How can we help you today?

(11:03:30) You said to Shezekia L:

Neither I or my wife has recieved our w2s electronicly

(11:03:49) Shezekia L said to you:

They will be released by 01/18/2018 (11:03:52) You said to Shezekia L: I have tried calling the local opffice but I am hung up on the second they ask my name and I re4spond (11:03:52) Shezekia L said to you: Is there anything else we can assist you with today? (11:04:14) You said to Shezekia L: today is the 18th (11:04:31) You said to Shezekia L: its not there i signed up to recieve it electronicly (11:05:31) You said to Shezekia L: as did my wife (11:07:54) Shezekia L said to you: Im sorry that was an error is by 01/31/2018 (11:08:14) You said to Shezekia L: thats pushing it awfully close to catching a 30 dollar fine from the IRS (11:08:36) Shezekia L said to you: I understand that

to kainfrayer_59 #1568904

I’m trying to get to my pay stub

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