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Randstad advertise that will pay you $150 bonus after finishing training and $150 for production, plus $100 every week. I've completed the training been with them 5 weeks still no bonuses.

Everytime you ask about the bonus its a new lie.

They lie to wheel you into work an assignment, so they can satisfied the needs of the client, which is evolving door company, and they do not care about paying bonus because they can use same method to wheel someone else in, until they quit. Don't work for Randstad.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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I've had the same issue. I've been lied to repeatedly. Most unprofessional people I've ever worked for.


You never told us anything about the nature of the job. Sales ?

Service ?

What ? I've been involved in heavy industry for 45 years and have never heard of trainees receiving a bonus for anything until they begin work ; then it's usually for exceeding a sales quota.

to Anonymous #1540298

She's not lying. I quit working for them for the same issue.

I'm still trying to get paid the last bonus I should have received. I have a copy of the contract.

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