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Been an Randstad employee for only 3 months, a Holiday has approached."So i asked if I work the day before and the day after do i get paid for this holiday" here's the exact quote.

"Randstad does not pay holidays, we just offer PTO." Well awesome, So I gotta come in on a Holiday to make up the extra time lost. Looking at other reviews I really hope I get paid for it (fingers crossed). Another problem is you cant view your PTO online, there is no possible way to do so. From my point of view, If your a huge staffing company that hires thousands of people to work world wide, how hard is it to make this accessible??

here's the quote for that one "At the moment, we do not have a way for you to view your PTO accrual through the E-Time portal.

You are able to pull and print your pay stubs with the following link and log in credentials located in the attachment.If you have any trouble viewing your time card, please let me know and I will help you retrieve that.


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