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The people who represent this company take no accountability for what they do. They did not pay me on the Friday before Christmas.

I looked on their online employee portal, and it shows that I put in 48 hours for that paycheck, but they did not pay me. I called them , and they said I would have my money on my pay card by 3:00. It was not there. I called again and they told me Atlanta was in a different time cone then Chattanooga, which was a lie because we are in the same time zone.

Then they said I would get it my 6:00, but they were leaving at 5:00, do there would be no one to call if it does not shod up. Here it is Sunday, and I still do not have my money.

Hard to tell my 23 year old that there will be no presents on Christmas. Stay clear of these people because they do not care, and will not take responsibility for their mistakes.

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I called 3 times to try and speak to someone in payroll the system kept sending me in circles!! Then I spoke to an operator and she laughed and sent me back to automated system!

Garbage! Guess who will not be working for them to much longer?

to Jennifer Cruz #1621583

The same thing happened to me the same week

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