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This Staffing Agency is awful!! My first experience is when I applied for a position months ago through an online job board and a Trisha Hanley called me and left me a message that she had the perfect opportunity for me.

Well of course I called her quite a few times and she never returned my phone call. Then months later she called me again she had the most perfect opportunity for me , so she says. This supposed employer said that they couldn't figure out why they couldn't hold on to anyone and why people were quitting after working for one or two days. Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

But, This agency throws you into jobs knowing that the place doesn't treat it's employees well. They know the company can't hold on to employees, and that is why they hire a staffing agency. But yet, they throw you into these positions and are shocked when you call them and tell them that you're being treated terribly and that you're leaving. So now they won't put you on any other jobs.

They have tons of jobs listed on the online job boards and when you apply, they almost immediately send you a denial email. This is the worst staffing agency I have ever come across. Stay as far away from them as possible! They are only in it for the almighty dollar!

They don't care about you or me or anyone. Stay away from Trisha Hanley particularly!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Randstad Usa Recruiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you leave a job with no notice, yes you will get banned. This goes for any agency.

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