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The above consumer is correct the way randstad conducts their business is very unprofessional. I have tried on several different occasion to reach out to randstad about position I would not get an answer, I also would receive emails of jobs that do not fit my skill set which is professional.

I would receive job posting that is beneath me like warehouse work jobs and I have previous worked for them in professional positions. I took a job that I did not want because I needed income and since I decided to take that 3 week position that is the category that they wanted me to stay in which is warehouse and I emailed the person that was sending me those position indicating that is not my skill set and evidently the person Emily Fisher got upset and set me about 20 different email's for warehouse work in one day right behind one another, which was very ignorant of her and her staff in which maybe someone told her to do that because she did not know my from can of paint and another thing I do believe randstad track their employees to see what positions that employee is applying for, I truly believe they reach out to other staffing agency especially someone they know and give bad reports about that person that's probably not true. I really use to like to work for randstad and the people but not any more because of the staff and the unprofessionalism that surrounds them. They did not want to pay me my $50.00 that was due to me when I worked in that warehouse it took them about a month to receive that, also one of the staff members told me very privately that I should move on and leave randstad because I asked for my fee that I worked for and they did not like that even when I reached out to corporate which was a trip too.

Yall really need to know whom you are hiring to represent you in a professional arena, not someone for a title that can sit behind a desk and run in and out for coffee and take two hour lunches because they think they can. Randstad has become a messy place to work for and people need jobs to pay bills, keep food on their table. This is not right and I am a shame of Randstad and their tasteless demanner.

Someone is not doing their job and receiving pay. You have a very low score which is 2 on my scale.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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