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I didn't receive my W-2 form from Randstad Staffing by January 31st so I called the local office today asking for it but was referred to their online 3rd party site to obtain an electronic copy. After entering my SSN as the Username and last four of SSN as the PIN #, my info wasn't found.

When I called the 3rd party site assistance line, they looked me up but said Randstad no longer uses their business to distribute W-2 Forms. My question is - if they no longer use this 3rd party business to distribute forms, then why was I referred there, why is this same service still listed on Randstad's website, and why wasn't I mailed a copy?

I'll be taking this up with the company tomorrow but this is unacceptable. I won't be working for them again.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Sacramento, California

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I am having this same exact problem currently! It's May 12; I need to file by May 15 & I can't get anywhere.

Randstad is so hands-off, they can't find my info at Workplace & I can't reach a live person on their customer support #. So what?

I have to not file my taxes now or do tax evasion and not submit this income? I am beyond lived!.....


go to workplace.randstad.com where you normally get your check stubs, etc.


Yeah, I had selected to recieved my w-2 for taxes electronically before the 31st and I still haven't received it via email


I agree 100% with previous comment read. I have called for 2 weeks, was told I would receive a call back NEVER did.

Finally spoke with someone who was very rude, it was like a chore for him to help me. Gave me website to go to. I have been doing to this website everyday for the last week, entering my last 4 digits of SS#, birthday & last name & I am getting NO information regarding my W-2 form!!!!!

Unprofessional Company & I will spread this around for NO one to apply at "Randstad". So very disappointed!!!!!!!!


I am sorry that you all are having the EXACT same problem I am having! I am so frustrated! Especially trying to get the information I need to get the stimulus money.


Randstand is full of the most rude, incompetent, and uncaring individuals I've ever met. From the moment I walked in I felt lost only to get all my greetings and questions answered by some lady holding up a finger and giving me the "mhm one moment am busy." treatment.

(In an office empty aside from myself.) Finally when their done with god knows what and decide to grace me with their help they just stare at me and ask me what I want as if they forgot the entire purpose of a staffing agency. After at least ten minutes of asking around I come to the realization they're never going to offer anything over minimum wage, not even if considered skilled labor. Finally I settle for a position but I don't even know where am being sent to or what I'll be doing. I had to pull teeth to at least get the name of street the place was on.

The job wasn't bad once I got going until I end up slicing my hand up pretty good on the job to the point that I need stitches and possibly a tetanus shot. Am out for not more than a day and they immediately have me replaced and marked down as a "No show, no call." Not long after I quit the charge card I was being paid on was drained leaving me with next to nothing.

Those stitches came out of my pocket. So thanks Randstand and &%#* you too.


I agree with complaint their customer service vis awful....


Randstad Technologies is pretty subpar in professionalism in comparison to most other agencies I have worked with... seems like they have not shaken the MO of a temp agency. Postings are often not exclusive to them and in the one place that seemed to be, was a chaotic mess of lower skilled workers with a toxic team.


Did you get your W2 finally? I am still struggling....


Karen Williams 2375 Philadelphia Avenue Room111 Chambersburg,Pa 1720. I need my W2 sent to this address. Please.


By law randstad is not required for do anything about your w2 until the end of the month around jan 31. Knowing them it will likely be web posted Hopefully this helps.


Hi I need my w2


I've since learned that you log into your Randstad account online and obtain the information there but I was upset that their staff across departments didn't know this and couldn't

help me. However, I've noticed high turnover with agencies in my area so employees are probably not learning everything they should. Most temp agencies are now giving access to tax forms from their website.


I have not received mine either. Not only have I not received my w2 but had several payroll issues with Ransdad during my assignment. These people are shady.


Same thing with me. They didn't send me my W2 and i had to go through the same painful process as you did.

I called the corporate number and they transferred me to the tax department where I had to talk to a computer to either have my W2 sent to me either email or mail. I had Randstad in the past so maybe they changed things a bit


I can't even get that far. What # did you dial?


I have yet to receive my w-2 form as-well.

I have always had problems with Ranstad.


I have yet received my w-2 form

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