Hello, My names is Orita Waller, I live in Winston Salem, NC. I have been in sales, customer for 2o years+, I also have a Bachelor Degree in Business, and an Associate Degree in C.I.S.

AI also graduated with honors from both Institutions. I have a very serious complaint with your office, in fact, it might have to get ugly (hopefully not). I was hired by your Ranstad Office on Reynolds drive in Winston-Salem, NC. Initially, I was contacted by a lady that goes by Rena.

She said I had been selected and for a class to start customer representative, the class would start on Nov. 27th, she said I could do the drug test at any time, b/c I had plenty of time, I decided to do my drug test that same day, just to be sure it would get back. I did my drug test on November 17, 2017. At that time, I told the technician that I was taking prescription drugs, so I had my medicine and asked her to write it down.

He replied no she didn;t need to, because the test would be back in plenty time. I told her that, because I knew my test would come back inconclusive. Well after not hearing back, I thought everything was fine. Rena called me to find out if I would be there on the 27th, for orientation, I said yes.

Ms. Kenya Penn who is over this project, sent me an e-mail and said that the position would be 13.00 instead of 14.00 as promised. I didn't like that but I had already passed up 2 jobs for this one. Okay the 27th is here, and I went to work, enjoyed it, I knew it would be very easy, because I had done this type of work at home, and this seemed like a piece of pie.

We did orientation and I did my I-9 and by the time I got home, I had received an e-mail from Ms. Penn, that I was HIRED. However, on Tuesday the 28th, I got to work and Ms. Penn gave us a tour of the cafeteria, took us upstairs to the training room.

I was called out by her assistant. My self and another girl who had blatantly said on Monday to Ms. Penn, that she would have to get up periodically to take her medicine. (The Whole class heard her.).

well, she and I left the training room to see Ms. Penn. she went in first, she came out laughing and I heard her see that she would get that to her. I said is everything alright, she said yes.

(she was White). I am Black, anyway Ms. Penn calls me in, and she said , did you take your drug test, I said yes in the 17th, she said it wasn't showing. My response was, Do you have a facility in this building, and I will retake it, or I can go right to Labcorp, she said no.

So, I just went ahead and explained to Ms.Penn that my test may be inconclusive, because I was taking prescription medicine. Its happened several times in the past. She said no, she preceded to call Labcorps and when she got off the telephone, her whole demeanor had changed towards me, she looked at me as if I was nothing, because in her mind I feel she was assuming I was on street drugs. I take Aderall for Detention deficit disorder, I take the generic and the lowest dosage, I have been taking this for over 20 years, I also take xanax and ambien which are prescribed for me to take at night, for insomnia.

I tried to explain to her that my Add prescription keeps me focused, so I won't get distracted, but it has never effected my work in a negative way, and it definitely doesn't make you sleepy, it makes you concentrate. She told me to leave and by 12:00a she would be in contact with me and I could come back. I asked her could she call the medical examiner, she told me to leave, I even offered for her to call my M.D. Anyway, she told her assistant to get her badge, she was very, very cold to me.

Very unprofessional and she doesn't know how to use tact. I went home 12 came and went, I called her she didn't answer. I e-mailed her and her assistant no answer. At 7:20 that evening she calls me with a very nasty attitude and told me I needed to speak to the medic.

examiner, and I couldn't come back, because I would be too far behind. I told her to just give me a chance, and if I couldn't do it then okay, I even offered to come in on my own time, w/o pay to make up for the missing time. I know that program wasn't hard, she just didn't want me to work. I wonder if I had been white would she have kept her promise and called me as she promised early.

I also wonder if that same white lady came back to class. The Med. Examiner called me 10 minutes later, he already knew what it was because I talked to him before. I told him the medicines, number on bottle for meds, and gave him my doctor's name and number.

He siad okay you are good, I sadd no, I am not I just lost my job.. What she did was unethical, unprofessional, and tactless. She did not do her job, because if she had have, she would have looked at everything before we started work. Point is, yoy don't hire someone, and the next day fire them, because you were to lazy to check everything beforehand.

I am a very good person and I have not ever been that disrespected and lied to in my life. Also, the Med. Exam.

said he gave her the information early that day, she could have called me back but instead she waited until evening. Please, do something about this woman, because she doesn't need that position.

Product or Service Mentioned: Randstad Usa Recruitment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I too had been wrongfully terminated from the same location. Kenya Penn denied the right to discuss any information further. She doesn't care to resolve issues or speak with anyone about any issues that occur.


I don't think race has anything to do with this. The "white girl's" situation was different from your's.

But, I do think you were "done dirty", treated unprofessionally and I too would be mad as h3ll. Contact Randstad Corporate and/or the Labor Board and/or an employer rights lawyers.

to Anonymous #1597447

How do you know her situation is different ? Sounds like foul play to me and should be reported !

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